The Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Your Home Gym

Bowflex SelectTech 552Thanks to the popularity of high-intensity workout programs like P90X and CrossFit, more and more people are setting up home gyms with many of the same types of equipment as in a traditional gym. This is especially true of weights, with dumbbells of varying weights being among the most commonly purchased items for this purpose.

However, many people who crave the “pump” they get from a total-body strength workout find it inconvenient to have to purchase many different dumbbells in order to complete a variety of strengthening exercises for muscle groups of different sizes.

For people who are dedicated to their home resistance training program, three different brands of adjustable dumbbells – from Bowflex, Power Block and Universal – provide the convenience of a set of 12 or even 15 pairs of dumbbells without cluttering the workout area. All three pairs are of similar quality and price – roughly $300 on Amazon – and one of the brands is certain to have the best adjustable dumbbells for your home gym.

Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison

Power Block Classic
Universal Power-Pak 445
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Number of dumbbells222
Increments (pounds)5-52.55 to 454 to 45
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WarrantyTwo yearlimited 10-year warranty
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Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

#1-Bowflex SelectTech 552

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are unique among the three sets for the option of adjusting weight increments by 2.5 pounds from 5 to 25 pounds, and weight is adjusted using a dial instead of a pin. People with thinner frames or longer arms will especially appreciate being able to adjust the weights by smaller amounts for triceps and biceps curls. A workout DVD comes free with the dumbbells, and the plates and parts come with a two-year warranty. Reviewers of the SelectTech dumbbells find that the ergonomic grip and slightly thicker handle make for more comfortable lifting and that they are perfect for quick changes from one exercise to the next during P90X workouts. The only slight concerns that users have had with the most recent designs are the length of the dumbbells (15.75 inches) and the fact that a stand needs to be purchased separately by anyone with back problems. Overall, SelectTech users are very satisfied.

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#2-Power Block Classic

The Power Block Classic adjustable dumbbell set allows for weight adjustments in five-pound increments from 5 to 45 pounds using a weight pin. The padded handle is designed to protect weaker wrists, and the 12-inch handle appeals more to Power Block users than the almost 16-inch SelectTech set for some exercises. For those wanting to increase the weight above 45 pounds, options are available for a heavier handle or a barbell. Users of the Power Blocks like that the outer handles are padded and find that they are very well-balanced even compared to other adjustable dumbbell sets. The main issues that some users have had with the PowerBlocks are the look of the square weights and ease of using the pin; it can be difficult to insert the pin into a different plate while the dumbbell is on the ground, but having a table or stand takes care of this problem.

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#3-Universal Power-Pak 445

The Universal Power-Pak 445 adjustable dumbbells are the only product of the three to come with its own space-saving, pedestal-free weight stand. Similar to the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, weight adjustments (from 4 to 45 pounds in 5-pound increments) are made using a dial. Unlike the SelectTechs, which require moving the dial at both ends of the dumbbell to select a new weight, the Power-Pak dumbbells can be adjusted using the dial at either end. Many users like the hexagonal shape of the plates, which keeps the dumbbell from rolling away when placed on the floor. Available for $270 on Amazon, many users find these a less expensive alternative to the SelectTechs. The main concerns voiced by users are similar to those expressed with regards to other models: some people find the 14-inch length of the bar a bit awkward for some exercises, and others find that the plates slip on the bar somewhat during lifts. A workout guide is included, and the set comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Since individual dumbbells typically retail for about $1 per pound, users of any adjustable dumbbell are bound to save money and a great deal of space in their home gym compared to buying up to 30 dumbbells of different weights. Compared to most gym memberships, the adjustable dumbbells will pay for themselves in as little as 6 to 9 months and are built to last. Veteran weightlifters and beginners alike will find that adjustable dumbbells such as the Bowflex SelectTechs, Power Block Classic and Universal Power-Pak adjustable dumbbells are the perfect tool for increasing strength and maintaining that perfectly sculpted look.

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