Best Adjustable Dumbbells Sets Reviews and Guide

Every dumbbell producer, manufacturer or seller claims that their particular product is the best on the market and the one which meets every possible need. One could watch all their promotional videos, but all that would achieve is boredom and the customer would still be none the wiser.

Fixing Bowflex SelectTech 552 Problems

Videos, radio and television advertisements do not tell those looking to buy the best adjustable dumbbells what they really need to know, namely: which adjustable dumbbells really are the best on the market and which of those will meet an individual’s particular needs? Promotional videos are all very well but they are made to sell products not to tell customers what they need in their own particular circumstances. Just as customers have different reasons for buying adjustable producers also have different reasons for choosing which products to put on the market. They also aim their products at a particular customer group, so it is up to the customer to find the best product to meet his or her needs.

Our reviewer chose three of the best adjustable dumbbells from among the most popular products, which give value for money. Customers looking for dumbbells, or any other product, need to know the advantages and disadvantages of specific products before they decide which one will meet their particular needs.

3 best adjustable Dumbbells

The Bowflex Select Tech 552

Bowflex SelectTech 552An excellent product for weight trainers, regardless of their experience level, and it is suitable for novice weight trainers. This is a good product for beginners because the weights in the product allow the user to increase the weights by small increments. The Weider dumbbell also allows you to increase and decrease weight levels but does not provide as much flexibility as the Bowflex Select Tech 552.


Novice weight trainers should note that weights should be increased gradually to avoid injury. Increasing the weights on your dumbbells too quickly, or by too much at once, results in muscle strain and injuries, only by increasing gradually over time will you have a satisfactory session.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Advantages

It is easy and quick to adjust the four dials, taking just between 5 and 10 seconds to do so. With other dumbbells one must remove, adjust and then add weights and then one must again remove and add to them to get another weight increment. The small weight increments allow for more flexibility, and it only takes between 15 and 30 seconds to adjust the set to a completely new setting and this set has the widest range of weight settings.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Disadvantages

The only serious disadvantage that the reviewer found to this product is its bulk and size 15 inches x 8 inches x 9 inches.

Weider SpeedWeight 120

Weider SpeedWeight 100 Adjustable Dumbbell

Weider SpeedWeight 100 Adjustable Dumbbell

Those who know about dumbbells always mention this product whenever discussing the best dumbbells. One outstanding quality of this dumbbell is that it is only six inches in diameter, which is the smallest diameter of any of the three reviewed products, and the smallest in appearance too.

The Weider SpeedWeight 120 Advantages

The Weider SpeedWeight has many advantages including the robust locking system, metal sliding, and an included stand.

The Weider SpeedWeight 120 Disadvantages

This product is rather costly as compared to the other two reviewed products, but quality always costs more. The Weider only has ten weight settings as opposed to the Bowflex’s 15 and the IronMaster’s 14 settings. This set only allows for five pound increments, which does not allow for the recommended gradual increase during a session, the increment is too much for many people, who may overuse and strain their muscles or cause themselves injury. Some owners of the Weiner SpeedWeight was awkward to lift because it is rather long.

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The Ironmaster 75LB Quick-Lock


The Ironmaster 75LB Quick-LockIronmaster was the third of the reviewer’s choices. This set is the sturdiest of the three reviewed sets. It is made in the United States and has a balanced feel when you begin bodybuilding.

The Ironmaster 75LB Quick-Lock Advantages

This has the widest increments of weights ranging from 5-75 pounds and it is the ideal dumbbell set for those wishing to intensify workouts. The set comes with a comfortable grip. This set is the most compact of the three reviewed dumbbell sets, and is only 14.5 inches long. The set is also popular among weight trainers for press exercises.

The Ironmaster 75LB Quick-Lock Disadvantages

It takes rather a long time to change the weight settings on this set, which can be rather frustrating especially, when doing curls or other exercises requiring quick continuous weight changes. Also the set has no locking mechanism for the screen-in pins. This causes safety concerns, since the plates are more likely to fall from the bar and could cause injury were they to hit to you. However, no one has reported injury due to this problem, but it is as well to be aware of it.

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Whether you choose one of the three products reviewed here or another product entirely, do not buy the cheapest product but the one that gives value for money. Calculate the cost per pound of each dumbbell the three reviewed dumbbell sets here work out at BowFlex $5.70 per pound, IronMaster $7.05 per pound, and the Weider $6.70 per pound. In choosing your dumbbells consider whether they fit your particular body and needs, rather than just the price.

Consider also and carefully read customer reviews and what other customers say about the product before you decide on a particular purchase as it will help you make the right choice for you. Consider both negative and positive reviews and ensure that positive ratings far outweigh the negative ones.

Do not just go by rating stars as they can give a false picture of customer satisfaction, for example, a product may have five stars and customers may believe that it indicates great customer satisfaction with the product. However, if only one customer has rated the product at five stars, whereas 500 customers have rated another product at four stars, you could decide based on a completely false premise.

The reviewer recommends the BowFlex Select Tech 552 the other two reviewed products are also excellent products, but as always the final choice is an individual one.

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